About Us

Who We Are

TFH is a network of individuals, church leaders and a family of churches in the Liverpool city region that share certain values and priorities. We are evangelical in our view of scripture, and evangelistic in our view of the mission of the church. In fact it is the evangel, the gospel, which unites us. We believe in a gospel that:

TFH is a way of expressing our one-ness around these values and priorities. We may vary in how we do this, in the expressions of the gospel, but we are all motivated by a love for God that ‘compels us to go with the gospel.’ 

We are the sum of our constituent parts (in fact with God we are more than that!). 

We are literally ‘together for the harvest’.

Our Vision

Imagine what the Liverpool City Region would look like in 10 years time if every man woman and child had experienced a vibrant expression of the gospel – something they saw demonstrated in our lives and relationships; but had also heard and understood, a message of hope for their lives.

Imagine our neighbourhoods, our families, our workplaces transformed with changed lives. Imagine tens of thousands of people coming to faith, affecting those around them, and infecting the culture of our city region.

That, is our vision.

Our Mission

To support and equip churches to mobilise their members into mission, to reach every man, woman and child with the gospel, such that we see gospel saturation and transformation of our city region

Six keys that allow us to outwork our vision and mission

TFH works through the six boroughs of the Liverpool City Region and operates in six key strategic areas (keys). The six keys are as follows:

Relational Unity

TFH supports each borough network of churches and leaders across The Liverpool City Region (LCR) to strengthen its own rhythms of gathering of leaders for friendship and mutual support.

We also gather more widely about once a term to strengthen the regional network of relationships.

For further information contact Maybel Naomi Williams. operations@tfh.org.uk

Powerful Prayer

Leaders gathering for prayer happens best at borough level, but we also provide opportunities for the church across the region to gather to pray for the bigger picture.

The TFH board meets regularly to pray and we want prayer to underpin everything we do. We are gathering and connecting prayer champions in churches.

By partnering with the national organisation Neighbourhood Prayer Network, we are working to cover every street (all 17,000) in prayer. Sign up here.

For further information contact Rob Payet. rob@kingswaycf.org.uk

Missional Confidence

We resource individual church members to grow their confidence to share their faith story, talk about Jesus and invite people to something. Through the Brighter course we give practical, applicable and simple advice to have natural and healthy conversations about faith.

For further information contact Nic Harding. nic@kairosconnexion.org

Social Justice

In close partnership with the Catalyst Network and Together Liverpool, God’s people in our region are reaching hundreds of people with practical demonstrations of the good news of Jesus. Meeting people at their point of need and sharing the Gospel through social justice.

For further information contact James Sloan. jamess@imagineiftrust.org

Marketplace Engagement

Our vision extends to the transformation of every sphere of our City Region. This involves:

1. Connecting with those with influence in spheres such as business, healthcare, education, local government, media, culture and sports
2. Serving the agenda of the Metro Mayor, Steve Rotheram, in conjunction with the major denominations in our region
3. Partnering with Gather Movement for the spiritual, cultural and social transformation of our region. 

For further information contact Tani Omideyi. tani.omideyi@ljmaoc.org

Multiplying Churches

Through ‘The 6 marks of a Great Commission Church’ programme we resource churches & small group communities to embrace a strong missional dimension. This supports small groups to become multiplying missional expressions of church. We offer coaching to church leaders in this.

We have also formed a Church Planting Coalition to support leaders and churches that are trying to plant new congregations.

For further information contact Nic Harding or Craig Lawrenson. nic@kairosconnexion.org craig@sthelensclc.com

How We Work

TFH works to fulfil its vision by


We help like-minded leaders and churches connect with each other for encouragement and mutual cooperation.


Naming and sharing a vision that others want to buy into, for the sake of the gospel in our region


Sharing the work of churches and organisations across the region. Telling stories. Highlighting resources and opportunities.


Recognising what God is doing in different parts of the region and celebrating those breakthroughs.


Linking networks and organising events and activities for the purpose of our shared mission.


We create resources, and new ways of being, doing and saying Good News.