Inside Out

An 8-session video based course that comes with a FREE downloadable workbook to equip your small groups to become missional, turning them ‘inside out’

Most churches have some kind of small group structure. The groups are usually focussed on fellowship, bible study and prayer. All of these things are great, but could our small groups be more than that? We believe that, based on the New Testament ‘church in the house’, they have the potential to become a significant driver for growth and multiplication in church life. The first step is to turn them ‘inside out’.

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Other Resources

Partner Organisation

Kairos Connexion

Kairos Connexion (Kx) exists to help leaders rediscover the church that Jesus died for and is coming back for. We equip churches to put mission


The Brighter Course

A 4-week course for church members to grow in missional confidence. Through a mixture of video and hosted sessions, people will grow in 3 confidences


The Alpha Course

We believe that everyone should have the chance to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share their point of view – wherever they are