The Four Points

Why is THE4POINTS logo so powerful as an evangelistic tool?

• First and foremost we believe it’s not a good idea, it’s a God idea! All the aspects that make it so powerful were not engineered, they were discovered. It has been more like opening a present than designing something.

• The symbol is cryptic and difficult to understand until you know it’s meaning. This helps create the intended response & opportunities to share your faith as people ask you the meaning.

• The logo looks like an equation i.e. heart times cross is what? This also helps to generate intrigue and provoke that all important question.

• Once explained, the meaning is so simple that it is easily remembered making it an ideal way of helping people remember this balanced representation of the gospel of Jesus. It is particularly effective with new Christians & youth where images communicate so much better than words!

• The four points are a full and balanced overview of the gospel helping prevent communication of a limited or incomplete message. It begins, and is founded on, the need to know God’s love. It tackles the need to accept our own sin and it’s consequences. It reveals the solution, God’s plan for salvation through the cross, and all importantly, it does not compromise on the need for every individual to make a personal choice to follow Jesus as Lord & Saviour.

• The logo is universal i.e. the symbols and their meaning are recognised and understood in almost every country & language on the earth.

• With it’s simple, graphic, PlayStation-like symbols, the logo is very cool (so we have been repeatedly told!) so people like to wear it.

All THE4POINTS products have been designed and chosen to be highly visible & striking so as to generate opportunities to share your faith whether through personal evangelism in your day to day life, or through any form of evangelistic ministry.

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