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TFH connects, equips & resources passionate people of God to reach every man, woman & child in Liverpool City Region to see gospel saturation and transformation.

Individual Membership

From £3.00 per month, become an individual member.

Individual Membership

Becoming an individual member is a way of saying ‘I’m for the vision of TFH and want to play my part.’

Church or Organisation Leaders

From just £3.00 per month join with like minded church or organisationleaders.

Church or Organisation Leaders

Church Leader Membership is for church leaders with a heart for connecting and working with others beyond their parish or area. We gather to pray and support each other.

Church or Organisation Membership

Become a church member with membership from £7.50 a month.

Church or Organisation Membership

We welcome whole churches to partner with us in reaching every man, woman and child, and seeing our region saturated and transformed by the gospel.

What Membership Means

In becoming a member of Together for the Harvest, you can support the work we do in ensuring that every man, woman and child across Liverpool City Region experiences the gospel, and as a result we see the gospel saturation and transformation of our region.

We want to see every Christian equipped and encouraged to be good news where they live, learn, work and play and our members play a vital role in working together for the gospel.

Membership of TFH entitles you to a variety of benefits and is open to individuals with a heart for the wider region, church leaders with a heart for connecting with like minded leaders and for churches who want to work beyond their own ‘patch’ and be part of the bigger picture.

Frequently Asked Questions

TFH exists to help the church in the Liverpool City Region (LCR) to fulfil its God-given purpose of bringing the good news to every person that Jesus died for, and helping the church come to maturity. We believe we can do this better together. In John 17 Jesus identified unity as a necessary foundation for ‘the world to know…’

We are together… for the harvest.

Yes there are about 130 other unity movements across the country. They all vary but have much in common. Gather Movement has done much to help these localised unity movements to flourish. 

Yes, we work with any church of any denomination or  no denomination who wants to share in our vision and  mission.

Our statement of faith is that of the Evangelical Alliance, you can read this in full, here.

First become a member, you and/or your church/organisation. You will then be connected with others in your borough who are already working together and supporting each other.

You will also hear of other opportunities across the region to be connected and involved.


Yes you can. Just let us know and we will cancel your membership. You will still need to cancel your standing order with the bank.

No, we will not share your personal information with any other organisation without your permission, in accordance with our data protection policy.


Firstly your church/organisation will need to be a TFH member. Then simply submit your information to our comms department for publication.

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We reserve the right to say no to any request if the content is not appropriate.