Explosive Missional DNA

Explosive Missional DNA

Paul’s missionary journeys helped spread the gospel throughout much of the ancient world. In the Book of Acts we read of 3 separate journeys through Greece, Turkey, Syria, and numerous other regions you will not find on modern-day maps. During his ministry Paul travelled more than 10,000 miles and established at least 14 churches. These travels, his writing, and the churches he planted, played a crucial role in the formation of the early church.

The early church exploded into life as a missional movement, with exponential growth and multiplication a vital part of its DNA. I believe it is time for us to rediscover that explosive Missional DNA, by releasing our people to encounter Jesus and share the good news of a Jesus life with those around them; freely we have received freely we must give.

Paul learned how to carry influence in equal measure to the powerful and the poor, across nations, cultures, and socioeconomic divides. He became a servant to all, that he might win more of them.

1 Corinthians 9:19-23

At Christian Life Centre St Helens it’s been our great privilege to partner with a church in Widnes. Our relationally focused partnering has led to them becoming part of the CLC family as Christian Life Centre Widnes. This process has been one of mutual enrichment and a cause for faith to arise for fresh growth in both churches. I can honestly say this growing relationship has been a highlight of our recent ministry. We are at the beginning of learning to inspire each other to become a missional movement, with multiplication a vital part of our DNA. Multiplying churches in new areas, micro churches in homes, and neighbourhood centres. Our dream aligns with the TFH vision to see an expression of the gospel within reach of every man, woman, and child. Our Journey is in its infancy but we long to inspire and equip others. We also need to partner with and learn from others. Some will be ahead and pioneering, some seeking inspiration, and some looking for relationship and support to ignite the dream afresh.

If we are to fulfil our vision of reaching every man woman and child in the Liverpool City Region with the gospel, then as believers, Together for the Harvest, we need to multiply missional expressions of church. I want to run after this dream, however I have gained enough wisdom from past failures, and the emerging seeds of success to know this is a mission we can only partake in together.

If you’re inspired by the Holy Spirit to connect and join this missional journey then why not get in touch.

God bless


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